Tim Holzschuh

maths & stuff

about me

I’m a first year PhD student in the working group of Alexander Schmidt at the Mathematical Institute at Heidelberg University.

I wrote my master’s thesis “An étale homotopy-theoretic reformulation of the Section Conjecture” with Alexander Schmidt and my bachelor’s thesis “Computing simple factors of certain Jacobian varieties over finite fields” with Gebhard Böckle.

During the academic year 2019/20 I was a research student at RIMS, working with Shinichi Mochizuki.

mathematical interests

I’m mainly interested in mathematics related to algebraic/arithmetic geometry. Currently I’m mostly thinking about maths surrounding Grothendieck’s Anabelian Conjectures and homotopical methods (especially possible applications of \(\infty\)-category theory) in arithmetic geometry in general.

other interests

Besides mathematics, I also enjoy consuming lots of different kinds of music and literature and to go hiking.

I occasionally play a game of go and sometimes even spend time on developing useless software, mainly written in the functional programming language haskell, like this webpage.